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Taking advantage of the fresh snow and a sunny day recently, I took my xcross country skis  and camera to Quogue Wildlife Refuge preserve (Southfork Long Island NY).   

Just intending for some exercise and adventure, I was amazed by so much simple beauty all around.


Envisioning deeper,  I began blending nature with ideas…..

that mirrored what I saw and felt.

Clicking away like crazy, I must have taken a hundred photos!

 I’d like to share with you my epiphany…….  my passion for nature and my life’s work at

Curtain Call Window Treatments, take a look!


Tree bark  with my shade and fabric resemblances
Branches, berries  and a translucent fabric roller



Pine needles and peacock feathers



Snow skeleton and soft geometric fabric





Fresh fallen snow ….. white, fluffy and soft textures
Icicles, Crystals and Sparkles of Light

Thanks for reading……hope you enjoyed!   

What inspires you?



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