Saving Energy is Smart with Cellular Shades!

It’s been a cold, cold winter…have you noticed the window drafts?

If so, then a cell or honeycomb shade would be a smart consideration for you.

One of the best defenses against the cold air coming in from your windows is a cell shade. It traps air in its cellular pockets….it serves as a blanket on the window.

Smartfit inside window
Smartfit inside window

Our new “Smart Fit” cell shade comes virtually cordlesscell shade and fits tightly inside your window. It’s inherently top down bottom up so you can adjust for any view.

And when the summer comes around… you’ll be thrilled when you experience the sun block and year round energy savings!

We have many colors and fabrics in cellular shades, ask to see our “Smart Fit” line!

                                              sample colors

Special offer: The first 5 customers to place an order will receive 20% off their next Smartfit cell shades, good until 12/31/2018.

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Solution to reduce glare on TV and computer screens – Window Treatment Blog by Kallie

Vertical PIN DOTS!

It’s one of those things that you’ve gotten used to and may subconsciously irk you……….


The problem is really bad when it shows up on your screen!

You may have a different window covering that has other glare issues……..

But for this type of Wood blind, I recommend the following solution:

No Visible Holes

Called “Smart Privacy TM”, the holes are set at the back,virtually no light passes through. It now comes standard with wood blinds from my manufacturer. I like this one as the quality is great, slats don’t shift and price is super.

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