Nature Inspires Design….

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Taking advantage of the fresh snow and a sunny day recently, I took my xcross country skis  and camera to Quogue Wildlife Refuge preserve (Southfork Long Island NY).   

Just intending for some exercise and adventure, I was amazed by so much simple beauty all around.


Envisioning deeper,  I began blending nature with ideas…..

that mirrored what I saw and felt.

Clicking away like crazy, I must have taken a hundred photos!

 I’d like to share with you my epiphany…….  my passion for nature and my life’s work at

Curtain Call Window Treatments, take a look!


Tree bark  with my shade and fabric resemblances
Branches, berries  and a translucent fabric roller



Pine needles and peacock feathers



Snow skeleton and soft geometric fabric





Fresh fallen snow ….. white, fluffy and soft textures
Icicles, Crystals and Sparkles of Light

Thanks for reading……hope you enjoyed!   

What inspires you?



Business Spaces deserve Good Looks

Corporate Event Space, Pillows by Curtain Call


Corporate Reception Pillows by Curtain Call
Hotel Hospitality Room Drapes by Curtain Call

Meaningful Identification with Window Treatments!

Use your window coverings or pillows to preserve and personalize….

Your photo……custom printed on a roller shade adds meaningful identification.

my digital picture on my shade
Caribbean Vacation
                          Your favorite baseball team or college… custom printed (Licensed).

Yankees Window Shades

 Your name  embroidered on a pillow……… becomes a Mark of Distinction.

Embroidered pillow1

Your Organization’s Logo on a valance is Unmistaken Identity!

East End Yacht Club embroidered valances
East End Yacht Club

These are just a few of our specialties! Please visit our website at The Curtain Call to see more of our work!  Call us at 203.927.2420 or email us for more information.

Saving Energy is Smart with Cellular Shades!

It’s been a cold, cold winter…have you noticed the window drafts?

If so, then a cell or honeycomb shade would be a smart consideration for you.

One of the best defenses against the cold air coming in from your windows is a cell shade. It traps air in its cellular pockets….it serves as a blanket on the window.

Smartfit inside window
Smartfit inside window

Our new “Smart Fit” cell shade comes virtually cordlesscell shade and fits tightly inside your window. It’s inherently top down bottom up so you can adjust for any view.

And when the summer comes around… you’ll be thrilled when you experience the sun block and year round energy savings!

We have many colors and fabrics in cellular shades, ask to see our “Smart Fit” line!

                                              sample colors

Special offer: The first 5 customers to place an order will receive 20% off their next Smartfit cell shades, good until 12/31/2018.

Please visit our website at The Curtain Call to see more of our work!
The Curtain Call specializes in Custom Window Treatments!
Call us at 203.927.2420 or email us for more information.


Flower Power!

Add fun color and texture to a child’s bedroom….. Flower Power.jpg

We’ve taken iridescence, hand made fabric flowers, lots of colors and crinkle to make this playful picture window treatment fun and practical.

Purely decorative…….the white valance has removable velcro flowers. The lined fuschia drape is closed when it’s nap time! Underneath is a white crinkle sheer to filter light.

This versatile iridescent fabric is called ‘Topaz’ from Fabricut, comes in many bright colors Valance Flower layout1and was a great choice for the flowers, valance and drapes.

Underneath is the fun Crinkle sheer, provided by Trend fabrics.

All proudly “Made in USA”…in Fairfield County Connecticut!Flower Power2

Contact us for your next Window Treatment projects!

Please visit our website at The Curtain Call to see more of our work!

Call us at 203.927.2420 or email us for more information.